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The Wonderful World of A.T.Zakir

Introduction of Write-ups

I have written some interesting write-ups and articles in various newspapers and periodicals in Hindi and English. Some of my sports writings were also translated into Gujarati language in some Gujarati News Dailies.


Out of so many articles and write-ups which I have written so far, I have selected the following three which were greatly liked by my readers when they were published.


“SHIKARI KA SHIKAR” was a two article based series of write-ups which dealt with atrocities and brutalities of two Nazi criminals ‘Adolf Eichman’ and ‘Dr. Ante Pevelic’.


Another write-up which I remember, was written by me after I met the dacoit turned international musician ‘Karna Ram Bheel’. He was a murderer and a robber who was a terror in India and Pakistan for so many years.


I don’t write much about him now; you start reading about whomsoever you like. I am sure you will like these write-ups.